A Beeuty Bee's Buzz about Special Event Hair
I have been doing hair a long time now and still, it is my passion, my art and what I love to do! I get great satisfaction out of making people happy and making their hair dreams come true! I used to hate doing wedding hair and prom hair. It's the truth. Brides made me nervous, and prom clients were some of the most challenging clients of the year! But I knew that if I wanted to be a well-rounded stylist I had to learn the art of the up-do and special event styling. These clients put their hair in our hands as stylist for some of the most important events of their lives, and we need to take this seriously! What I've learned is that styling hair is an art of its own. It's like sculpting and it's a graceful one that's possibilities are endless. Whether a client wants to look like a princess, a mermaid, a debutante, or just like "herself" it's the stylists job to know how to translate these requests into a beautiful style that will complement the client, the event, the dress, and will hold up to a night of endless dancing. When I'm consulting with a client for their event (and YES a consultation is a MUST and most salons will offer them for free- just ask)

I ask a few very important questions…
Where is the Event? What does the event look like? What it the mood for the night? Will you be on a boat? (Lots of wind = lots of hairspray)
What does the dress look like? What is the neck line like? I will always ask to see pictures.
How do you want to feel? Like a princess, a natural earth loving goddess, a style vixen…the possibilities are endless here.
It's then my job to assess the client's hair and work from there. Would they benefit from subtle color enhancements? Hair Extensions are all the rage- it allows clients to create many looks that they could not create with the hair that the good lord gave them.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that communication is clear and that the stylist knows exactly what the client wants and how to execute it. I have had brides book several trials to try different looks before picking "the ONE!" Clients should expect to pay for trial up-do's as it is a service that takes time. Make sure to ask your stylist how many looks they can create in an hour or two and what the cost associated with this service is. Often times if a client wants to see a few looks the looks are "rough" they are not exact but the trial allows the client and stylist to see what shape, height and positioning looks best on the client. Lastly, it's a good idea to take photos of all the trial looks and show them to friends and family to get feedback.
I hope to see all you lucky ladies and to have the opportunity to work with my creative team to create your dream hair for your special event.

Happy, Healthy Beeuty!
Bean (The Queen Bee)